Sakhalin Government held public hearings on TACs 2009

May 15, 2008 15:51
Sakhalin Region Administration held public hearings on TACs 2009. The heads of Regional Fishery Department, Sakhalin Fishery industrials' Associations, the researchers of SakhNIRO (fishery and oceanography scientific research institute) and representatives of inspection bodies took part in this event.

In 2009 the area's recommended TACs of 111 species (Pacific salmon excluded) total 932,282 tonnes, including 562,900 tonnes of fish, 216,700 tonnes of invertebrates and 152,700 tonnes of sea weeds. As for sea mammals, it is planned to catch 98 tonnes of fin-footed carnivores and 28 tonnes of whales. The fisheries are going to be conducted in the East and West Sakhalin subareas and also in the North and South Kuriles zones.

The TACs 2009 of freshwater species, such as Amur pike, silver porgy and Amur ide, amount to 126 tonnes.

Meanwhile the scientific basis of the TACs was prepared by the specialists of SakhNIRO.

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