Sakhalin-based processors update facilities

April 7, 2010 08:18

Several dozens of Sakhalin-based fish processing plants are reported to accelerate their production yield thanks to installation of new Japanese equipment of Nikko Company, reports with reference to sources in the Russian office of Nikko.

Last fishing year experience contributed to the idea of necessity to increase land-based fish processing facilities. Automatic nonstop processing line NAG-501 for preliminary processing of salmonids which is capable of processing up to 10 tonnes of salmonids per hour is said to be the most popular among Sakhalin processors. The line cuts heads, gutters, carefully extracts roe, cleans and washes the fish. What is special about NAG-501 which is reported to have no analogues in Japan is nonstop of the working process what proved itself in the fishing season 2009 at several plants.

Representatives of processing plants that bought the equipment highlighted several advantages of using this line. Namely, the highly productive line is easy operated by only two workers. Besides, it is said, to guarantee the highest quality of whole fish and complete preservation of roe sacks during the process of roe extraction.

Among other equipment to be installed onto Sakhalin plants are Nikko filleting and sorting into packs machines.

Several companies in the Russian Far East plan to buy roe processing system of Nikko Company which was in operation in Kurile-based processing plants in 2009. The system is said to carry out the whole processing cycle of red caviar at a speed of 1000 kg/h.

Unique separator of caviar Nikko separates caviar from envelopes securing the yield of 85%, then the caviar is washed automatically, salted and dried a little.

All Nikko equipment is HACCP certified.

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