Sakhalin-based processors go for Japanese equipment for massive update of salmon factories

May 27, 2010 16:59

First consignment of automatic flow line NAG-501 for processing of salmonids has been supplied to Sakhalin-based salmon factories, reports ( ) with reference to Nikko Company.

This year 25 highly productive lines NAG-501 will be installed at fish processing plants in the Russian Far East with combined capacity of more than 3000 tonnes of salmonids per 24 hours.

The company says, that growing interest in NAG-501 equipment is fuelled by good results achieved at several plants during the salmon fishing season 2009.

The automatic high-yield line NAG-501 was designed for preliminary flow processing of salmonids. The process starts with heads cutting followed by careful belly cutting and gutting, careful extraction of whole female and male roes.

After processing the HGT fish is thoroughly cleaned and washed, the whole process being performed only by two operators of the plant at a rate of more than 2400 fishes per hour.

Salmon flow processing line NAG-501: Salmon flow processing line NAG-501

Lines NAG-501 are ready for transportation to Sakhalin plants

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