Saint Petersburg seafood processor launched fish sausage

April 3, 2009 11:56

Saint-Petersburg-based seafood processor ZAO Baltiisky Bereg (Baltic Coast, closed jsc) has launched production and sale of fish sausage which is a novelty for the Russian market, reports ( with reference to the company.

Fish sausage is a natural product as it is made of high quality raw material such herring roe, trout and salmon fillets without any filling additives such as soybean. In order to prepare 100 grams of smoked and dried fish sausage the producer uses 200 grams of fish or fish roe. The sausage's skin is made of animals' protein and it is not necessary to take it off before eating.

Baltic Coast majors in production and sales of a wide range of seafood products. At present, Baltic Coast is one of Russia's largest seafood producers.

The company's product range complies with the current quality standards and has codes of compliance with UNISCAN. In 2005 the company has introduced the HACCP system completely eliminating influence of factors hazardous for human health.

Now the firm's products are sold more than in 20 large cities of Russia.

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