Saint Petersburg seafood market operators launching modern facility for low temperature storage

March 16, 2009 16:56

Saint Petersburg based OceanProduct Company and Port-Kholod Company have launched a modern facility for low temperature storage, reports ( with the reference to OceanProduct.

The coldstore complex is located 12 km from Saint-Petersburg, 1.5 km from highway and 30km from Saint-Petersburg port. The new facility is to store at the temperature down to 28 C below zero. But, taking into account the market demand, there is a possibility to store fresh seafood at the level of -2 - +5С. Total storage capacity amounts to 2600 pallets or 3000 tonnes. Infrastructural facilities and a large area allow additional storing of up to 100 reefer containers on the territory, thus increasing the total storing capacity to 4,500 tonnes.

What is special about the new logistical centre is that it is managed by Warehouse Management System (WMS). The system of automatic warehouse management controls all the operations in the real time regime. The management covers operation of the equipment and personnel, controls cargo transportations, plans current tasks for operations in the facility etc. The WMS system reduces time of loading and shipment of the products 3 times.

The height of the ceiling in the warehouse amounts to 12 meters. There are 5 tiers in storing room. The working capacity of one pallet amounts to 1000 kg.

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