Saint Petersburg fish farmers launching new facilities

July 31, 2009 14:03

Fish farmers based in Leningrad Oblast surrounding Saint Petersburg have recently launched three new facilities, reports ( with reference to the province's administration.

More specifically, the right to build new fish farms in the region's northeast has been given to OOO Akvamarin (ltd) in the Yuksovskoye Lake and OOO Ryby (ltd) in the Kimozero Lake. In the Vyborg district of the province OOO Primorskoye (ltd) has been allowed to farm fish in the Vuoksa River near Svetlogorsk.

Along with the above, according to the results of the tenders, contracts on commodity fish farming have been renewed with six companies of Slantsev, Boksitogorsk and Priozersky districts, namely with OOO Zaozerye (ltd), OOO SP Klimovo (ltd), OOO Galyan (ltd), Lidia peasant co-op, OOO Priozerskaya Rybnaya Kompania (ltd) and OOO Tselinnik-2002 (ltd).

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