Saint-Petersburg company to build logistics centre for meat and fish processing

September 7, 2007 15:41

Saint-Petersburg-based company Jupiter is planning to build a production and logistic centre for meat and fish processing. The project will cost more than 500 million RUR with the deadline scheduled for April 2008, the company's General Director Alexander Schegolev told

The new centre's production output is forecasted at 60 tonnes of convenient meat and fish products per day.

Construction of modern distribution centre with meat and fish processing workshops will be carried out in two stages. The first stage is to be finished in the beginning of the new year 2008 with the cold store building to be equipped. The second stage of the project provides for construction of a cold store, processing departments and an office building by April 2008. The company is going to market its products in retail chains, social institutions (schools and hospitals), etc. The company is planning to sell its products not only in the northwest, but also in other Russian regions.

The total volume of investments (more than 500 million RUR) includes 30% of the company's own funds and 70% of the investments will be covered by bank loans. The project, which is partly based on leasing, is expected to pay back in five years.

The land site for construction of the meat and fish processing logistics centre occupies 4 hectares in the village of Shushary. All the departments of the complex will occupy more than 92,000 square meters.

OOO Jupiter (ltd) is an offspring of OOO Sputnik (ltd). It was established in order to develop the centre's design and construct it in the village of Shushary. OOO Sputnik (ltd) has been operating on the Russian food market from 1996. The company majors in distribution of fresh and frozen meat and fish products. The clients' list includes more than 5000 retail and catering firms both in the northwest and in other regions of Russia.

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