Sainsbury’s helps MSC reach 7,000 products worldwide

November 22, 2010 16:20

UK retailer, J Sainsbury helped the Marine Stewardship Council to tip the scales on sustainable seafood this week as its peeled, frozen prawns were announced as the 7000th MSC ecolabelled product worldwide. Growth in MSC ecolabelled products has rocketed over the past four years doubling, on average, every 12 - 15 months, reports with reference to MSC.

Ally Dingwall, Sainsbury's Aquaculture & Fisheries Manager, said: "Sainsbury's is the largest retailer of MSC certified fish in the UK with over 75 lines and we have done more than any other retailer to source our fish in a sustainable and responsible way. We would like to congratulate the MSC on reaching 7,000 lines and would encourage other retailers to follow Sainsbury's lead in sourcing MSC certified fish."
Sainsbury's leading the UK field

"Sainsbury's have led the UK field with over one in ten of their seafood products now bearing the MSC ecolabel and I am particularly pleased that our 7,000th product is Sainsbury's own-brand." said MSC UK Manager, Toby Middleton. "Consumer Interest in MSC certified fish has rocketed over the past two years with recent figures showing a 60% increase in recognition of the MSC ecolabel in the UK. Nearly one in five people now recognise the MSC ecolabel. Much of that increase in recognition is the result of joint marketing work with leading retailers like Sainsbury's."

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