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As per mid-April 2021 the wholesale market at St. Petersburg (Russia’s main entry port for imported seafood) is displaying good demand for hake HGT from Uruguay and Argentina as well as pangasius fillets from Vietnam, reports

As per mid-April 2021 wholesale prices for frozen salmon from Chile have stopped its rise in Moscow despite the price increase in the country of origin, reports

As per mid-April 2021 the wholesale market in Murmansk is displaying persistent poor supply of cod, haddock and saithe for the domestic needs as most of the catch is shipped for export, reports

Traditionally, April 9 is treated as the end of the main fishing season at the Far East, it is the Sea of Okhotsk Alaska pollock fishery.  This year season was fairy unusual in many aspects.  The main difference is that it has not ended yet. Of course, the fishery in the three main subzones ended according to the plan, but this year East Sakhalin pollock fishery was certified by MSC, and therefore those few who have a quota there continued to work, reports Megafishnet.

As per mid-April 2021 the first hand prices for quite a number of products from the Russian Far Eastern Fisheries have been gathering momentum, reports

Russian seafood imports in 2020 displaying mixed results / April 13, 2021 15:42, paid article

The Russian seafood imports in 2020 slightly declined year-on-year but at the same time the volumes of many important products simply surged while mostly less important species contributed to the reduction in the total, reports

This year pollock roe auctions in Busan, Korea are different to 2020 and totally different to “normal” way, reports Megafishnet.

The Russian market for dry-cured fish which has seen continuous growth in the last few years is set for a further increase in the next five-year period, reports


The Russian vet watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor and the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment of the United Arab Emirates have agreed on veterinary certificates for the export of fishmeal and artemia cysts from Russia to the UAE, reports


The first series of large-scale auction sales of Russian-made frozen pollock roe this year was held in Busan (South Korea) as late as in the middle of the third week of March, almost a month later compared to the usual dates, reports


Russia’s major importer Defa Group has made projections for domestic capelin supply in 2021 which this year is witnessing a return of Atlantic capelin extra to the country’s own catch in the Russian Far East, reports


Since the beginning of 2021 and as per Mid-March, the Rosselkhoznadzor Administration for the Primorsky Territory and the Sakhalin Region has issued veterinary certificates for export shipments of fish and seafood for a total volume of 203.5 thousand metric tons, reports


As long as more and more pollock is taken out of the sea of Okhotsk, delivery problems are becoming grave, reports

As per early March the wholesale market of St-Petersburg (Russia’s main entry port for imported seafood) was facing delays with arrival of some fish products such as blue whiting and pangasius fillets, reports

As the Chinese market constraints continue to hit the pollock season in the Russian Far East, the fishermen are putting more effort into herring received by the market with an increasing favour. Despite the problems, the trading sources from the region describe the current situation as stable in terms of demand for the entire species range with several items displaying rising prices, reports

Deliveries of live Russian-caught king crab to South Korea at the beginning of 2021, in contrast to the supply of live snow crab, were noticeably more active than last year, and the price level was significantly higher than in January 2020. The Norwegian deliveries displayed an even more serious growth and also at much higher prices. Meanwhile, the supply of cheap Chinese products, mainly swimming crab, significantly decreased, but also with strongly higher prices, reports

Seafood exports from Murmansk doubled in January 2021 / February 25, 2021 17:45, paid article

In January 2021 Murmansk suppliers exported **** metric tons of finfish and other aquatic species or twice more as compared to **** tonnes delivered to the international market in January 2020, reports

Online fish trade has been fast growing in Russia. Now it is moving from online chains and dedicated fish shops to e-commerce market places where multiple suppliers offer an unlimited range of fish products, reports

Russia publishes fish production results for January 2021 / February 18, 2021 16:50, paid article

Russia has published the results for fish products output in January 2021, reports

Russian exports of frozen snow crab to US surging / February 15, 2021 09:36, paid article

Unlike king crab, in December 2020 American import of frozen snow crab was even weaker than in November and much lower than in December 2019...

New record for Russian exports of live crab to China / February 15, 2021 09:34, paid article

Despite COVID-19 constraints, the supply of Russian-caught live crab to the Chinese market in December 2020 showed a very serious increase, even compared to 2019, when the supply level was already quite high, reports

Close to mid- February the wholesale market of St-Petersburg (Russia’s main entry port for imported seafood) is witnessing a sweeping rise of pelagic prices while a number of white fish items have depreciated, reports

In late February Russians will traditionally celebrate Defender of the Fatherland Day which will normally help increase the salmon and trout sales, reports

Close to mid-February the market situation in the Russian Far East has been developing against the background of lagging pollock catch, the remaining trade with China and South Korea as well as fears of the Russian buyers that China will resume purchases on a big scale, taking reefer loads of pollock, etc. as of 18 February, reports

As per early February wholesale prices for cod, haddock, saithe and cod roe in Murmansk have been developing in a situation of good demand versus insufficient supply. The inventories of several other species have also gone short, reports

With the holidays ending, Saint-Petersburg market has resumed trade with good demand for pelagic species, reports

Moscow’s salmonids market balancing prices against demand / January 19, 2021 15:11, paid article

As per mid-January the companies trading in Atlantic salmon in the Russian Capital are setting prices looking back with caution at the actual demand for their wares, reports

Wholesale trade in Murmansk is getting back to normal after the holiday season with the domestic buyers speculating how much HG cod and haddock will go to export markets in the situation of uncertainty regarding sales to China via EU, reports

Domestic fish sales picking up in the Russian Far East / January 19, 2021 14:37, paid article

Russia’s New Year holidays have come to an end and domestic fish sales from the Russian Far East have quickly gathered momentum, reports

As per early December 2020 the wholesale salmon and trout market is under the influence of a number of factors that slow down the sales dynamics, reports


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