Russia's Siberian sturgeon stocks getting one more boost

September 5, 2008 12:06
The specialists from "Khakasrybvod" fishery conservation reproduction Directorate are releasing 1.2 million juveniles of valuable fish species, mainly Siberian sturgeon (800 thousand) and sterlet (400 thousand) into the waters of Yeniseisk district in Krasnoyarsky Krai Territory(Siberia), reports with reference to "Khakasiya" news agency.

The juveniles were grown out under the conditions similar to natural habitat at the fish-farming plant in Beloyarsk.

The restocking is carried out regularly for the reproduction of aquatic biological resources under the state order. After the juveniles releasing "Khakasrybvod" has begun to grow out a new batch of fishes which will grow up during the winter months and next spring will be released into the open waters.

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