Russia's Prime-Minister Vladimir Putin sets ambitious goals for Russian seafood industry

July 30, 2008 15:55

On 28 July 2008 Russia's Prime-Minister Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the Government Presidium set ambitious goals for Russian seafood processing industry development in 2008 - 2013.

The Prime-Minister underlined the current problems of the industry (poor reproduction of water biological resources, lack of modern fishing and processing facilities and fish port terminals). The share of imported seafood products on the domestic market surged up to 38% and in large cities like St. Petersburg or Moscow even up to 60%.

At present, Russian seafood companies export mainly raw material of primary processing and import more expensive value-added products often processed from Russian raw materials.

Vladimir Putin pointed out that certain steps have already been taken to change the situation to the better. More specifically, the process of legislation renewal has been started, that is to be a good basis for further economic development in the industry.

The Prime-Minister called for promoting investment and innovation in the industry, supporting all necessary scientific and environmental projects including the revival of fishery research fleet.

Special focus (including financial support) should be made on revival of valuable fish species stocks, especially salmon and sturgeon species.

Totally, the financial support of the program for 5 year period will amount to RUB 62 billion (including RUB32.8 billion from the Federal budget).

It is planned to build and reconstruct 58 farming facilities for sturgeon and other fish species as well as 27 fishery research vessels, 8 vessels for biological resources revival, 2 patrol vessels, 208 small fishing vessels.

As a result of the program's realization by the year 2013 the fish port capacity will be tripled and the share of domestically-manufactured seafood products will amount to no less than 80%.

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