Russia's output of black caviar set to recover

October 9, 2007 12:42

Subject to state monopoly for black caviar in 15 years Russia should be able to annually produce 300-400 tonnes of the product, according to head of the nation's State Fisheries Committee Andrey Krainy as quoted by Vesti.Ru.

Sturgeon caviar is more expensive than gold and diamonds and it should not be sold in street markets, said Krainy meaning that the valuable product can be sold only in shops under the required storage conditions, otherwise such high-class delicatessen can turn into poison for consumers.

Krainy has also noted that now Russia produces only a tiny amount of ca.7-9 tonnes of sturgeon caviar per year. Some 85% of black caviar is contributed by Caspian region and the Volga delta, while some other sturgeon species also inhabit the rivers of Lena, Amur and Ob.

According to the nation's fishery industry head, Russia should introduce state monopoly for sturgeon caviar from sturgeon breeding to caviar packing. Sturgeon is a special fish, Krainy continued explaining. It matures only in its 9-10th year and requires careful treatment. Russia used to hold a considerable share on the world market of black caviar consuming some 350 tonnes of the product globally. However, now Russia's share on the world market has been decreasing with the Iranian caviar gaining more importance. Krainy has also reminded about high price of black caviar which is sold at ca.6000 Euro per kilo in Europe.

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