Russia's leading processor ROK-1 Group announcing financial results in 3d quarter 2010

November 16, 2010 17:00
ROK-1 Group one of Russia's leading value-added processors, has announced the financial results in the third quarter 2010, reports with reference to the Group.

According to the statement, in the third quarter 2010 the value of net assets increased in comparison with the same period of the year 2009.

Sales revenue in the Group's main field increased by 16% to RUR2,900,268,000 in comparison with RUR2,480,584,000 in the same period last year. Sales volume increase, production growth and the improvement of products' quality have been the main drivers behind the growth.

About the company

ROK-1 Group is one of Russia's leading seafood processors located in the country's North West. The product range consists of more than 250 items including some of the positions as follows:

  • convenience products " MORSKAYA PLANETA"
  • economy class products "NETTO"
  • smoked fish
  • vacuum-packed fish
  • vacuum-packed slices
  • caviar
  • fillet rolls
  • laminaria
  • surimi products
  • preserves

Establishments and Vessels with EU Approval: EU No. B21, JSK ROK-1 (Processing plant).

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