Russia's large food supplier diversifying product range with chilled seafood

August 11, 2009 16:20
East-West Group of Companies, which is one of the largest food suppliers for horeca sector in Eastern Europe has diversified its product range with chilled finfish and other aquatic products, reports ( with reference to the group's press-release.

More specifically, East-West will become the first universal supplier who will be able to offer chilled seafood. The group's experience of trade in perishable food products and large investments into logistics will help it avoid mistakes and achieve high quality of seafood shipments.

All chilled seafood is stored in the newly erected specialized coldstore. Loading operations are carried out in chilled zone. In order to achieve bacteriological safety the room is equipped with bactericidal and insecticidal lamps.

A serious step towards reliable quality of chilled seafood has been made with the use of frozen gel (ice packs) instead of traditional ice. The measure helps completely avoid cases of seafood storage in humid environment in case of ice thawing.

At present, East-West Group of Companies has introduced to its range farmed sea bass and sea bream from Cyprus with the sizes ranging from 300/400 to 400/600, 600/800 and 800/1000. Shipments are carried out twice a week.

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