Russia's Komi Republic to accelerate breeding of trout and sturgeon species

November 2, 2007 16:05

The Republic of Komi in the north of Russia will farm more than 600 metric tons of market-size fish in 2007 with the production output expected to grow twice-fold to 1200 tonnes by the year 2010, according to Economika I Vremya.

At present, Komi breeds mostly trout and sturgeon species and in the future the republic's plans provide for production of black caviar.

The current plans of the republic's aquacultural sector provide for launching two new farms, one in Sosnogorsk and one in the village of Kazhim of Koigorodsk District.

All the fish farms based in the republic participate in the national project of Development of Agricultural Complex.

Fish farming in Komi can become a dynamically developing sector bringing a good profit with the average yield in cage farming reaching 100 kilos per one square meter.

Development of the republic's aquaculture is encouraged by the regional program providing for the budget support of the local fish farms at their construction stage as well as for participation of large companies in stock reproduction.

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