Russia's Government approved rules for allocation of non-commercial capture quotas

October 30, 2008 12:32

Russia's Government has approved rules for preparation and granting the right of use of aquatic biological resources classified as objects of fishery for other than commercial offshore and inshore operations. The respective order has been signed by the nation's PM Vladimir Putin, reports ( with reference to RIA Novosti.

According to the document, Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency shall be in charge of allocating quotas for fishery for research and control purposes, educational and cultural enlightenment purposes, for the purposes of fish farming, reproduction and acclimatization of aquatic bioresources. Distribution of quotas for fishery aimed at securing traditional lifestyle and traditional economic activity of small aboriginal peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East of the Russian Federation will be managed by the agency's territorial departments making decisions applicable to inland marine waters, the territorial sea, the continental shelf and the Russian EEZ.

Those physical and juridical persons who wish to obtain the right of use of aquatic bioresources shall forward to the Federal Fisheries Agency an application accompanied by a pack of documents. In particular, in order to get quotas for the purposes of reproduction and acclimatization of aquatic bioresources applicants shall have to present a target program, documents confirming presence of own or chartered constructions and equipment, as well as acclimatization grounds as prepared by research organizations working under the Fisheries Agency.

The Government of the Russian Federation has commissioned the Agency to develop and approve forms and rules of infilling the applications for quotas for research and control purposes, as well as for educational and cultural enlightenment purposes.

Besides, the Government is looking into a procedure of allocation of water sites for fish farming, reproduction and acclimatization of aquatic bioresources.

The Federal Fisheries Agency has also been commissioned to develop the procedure for gathering consents and approving programs for research fishery and other non-commercial fisheries for the above mentioned purposes.

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