Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency reporting low take-up of flatfish TACs 2010

April 8, 2010 12:15

From the start of 2010 the Russian fishermen harvested 11,300 tonnes of flounder/plaice, 2100 tonnes up on the same period of 2009 with the TACs 2010 thus covered at 17%, reports ( with reference to the National Centre for Fisheries Monitoring and Communication.

Russia's flounder/plaice catch as per early April 2010

Fishing area

Harvest, metric tonnes

Russian Far East Basin, total


Bering Sea


Sea of Okhotsk


North Fisheries Basin (Barents Sea)


West Fisheries Basin (Baltic Sea)


Sea of Azov, Black Sea


Convention areas, open part of the World Ocean


Foreign zones


The total harvest of all the aquatic biological resources since the start of the year reached 1,207,300 tonnes, 18.9% up on the corresponding result of 2009.

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