Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency opposing extension of vet controls to domestic products of wild fisheries

April 8, 2009 16:23

Head of PR centre of Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency Alexander Saveliev says that the order of Russia's Ministry of Agriculture "On approving Rules of veterinary-sanitary expertise of marine fish species and fish roes" which was registered by the nation's Ministry of Justice on 23 March 2009 actually violates requirements stipulated by the law "On veterinary", reports ( with reference to Interfax.

The man thinks that aquatic biological resources harvested from their natural habitat are not subject to the above law as the law "On veterinary" is applicable only to husbandry products and fish farmed with human participation in special conditions.

Nevertheless, in October 2008 the Ministry of Agriculture first issued an order "On approving rules of organizing veterinary surveillance of hydrocoles, fish, seafood and products made from them" and then signed an order "On approving Rules of veterinary-sanitary expertise of marine fish species and fish roes". The Ministry of Justice has registered the order about the rules without taking into account the proof of its violation of the veterinary law as provided by Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency.

Alexander Saveliev claims that the order not only violates the law but also creates conditions for corruption because the quality control relies on subjective methods. The Agency says that it will continue contesting what it sees as unlawful order of the Ministry of Agriculture.

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