Russia's dramatic boost of chilled salmon and trout imports from Norway

January 10, 2008 16:25

The first nine months of the year 2007 displayed a considerable shift from shipments of frozen salmon to those of chilled salmon, according to Russia's Federal Customs Service.

More specifically, in January-September 2007 Russia imported from Norway more than 26,400 tonnes of chilled salmon worth 212.9 million USD thus displaying a 6.5-fold rise in volume as compared to 4055 tonnes imported in the same period of 2006 and a 7-fold rise in value increasing on 17 million in 2006.

Meanwhile, shipments of frozen salmon and trout totaled 8851 tonnes worth 40.8 million USD as compared to 29,541 tonnes worth 113.7 million USD.

The total shipments of frozen and chilled Norwegian salmon and trout to Russia in the first nine months of the year 2007 (HSCs 030211+030212+03031+03032) amounted to 45,881 metric tons worth more than 211 million USD up from 34,373 tonnes worth 133.9 million USD in the same period of 2006. This total includes 10,624 tonnes of chilled trout up from 776 tonnes in 2006 (value rose from 3.2 million in 2006 to 48.4 million USD in 2007).

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