Russians ship more seafood via Lithuanian border

June 16, 2008 17:00

Railway transit of canned and processed fish across the Lithuanian border to Russia has reached new heights, according to Gudok (Russian main railways media source).

Last year transit of various seafood and meat products through Russian-Lithuanian border checkpoint Nesterov - Kibartai from Kaliningrad to Russia and other CIS states amounted to 57 362 tonnes (921 freight cars) of meat products, 111 920 tonnes (1960 freight cars) of canned fish, 44 090 tonnes (798 freight cars) of frozen fish products.

More specifically, in 2007 Kaliningrad-based office of OAO Refservice Company transported 44,100 tonnes of frozen fish (total 798 freight cars) and 55,000 tonnes (1041 freight cars) of canned fish via this route.

During 5 months of 2008 the plants of Kaliningrad region transported by railways via Lithuanian border 368 freight cars of meat products (22,187 tonnes), 773 cars of canned fish products (43,941 tonnes) and 216 railway cars of frozen fish (12,484 tonnes).

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