Russian vets updating list of approved Vietnamese seafood exporters

December 3, 2008 16:18

Russia's Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance Rosselkhoznadzor has updated the list of Vietnamese fish processing plants approved for export of their products to the Russian Federation and holding valid contracts with the Russian importers, reports ( with reference to the Service.

The updated list was published in early December 2008 and it is a modification of the Service's directive No. FS-AS-4/9569 dated 22 September 2008.



«Sebastes» Co. Ltd INN 7713553931;  125599, Russia, Moscow, Izhorskaya str., 7



«Sebastes» Co. Ltd INN 7713553931;   125599, Russia, Moscow, Izhorskaya str., 7

«Wave» Ltd INN 7729602775; 119192, Russia, Moscow, Mosfilmovskaya str., 76-116

«OMIKS» Ltd INN 7805408807; 198262, Russia, St. Petersburg, ul. Leni Golikova, d. 27, k.3, lit A.

«Neptun» Ltd INN 7840349696; 191002, Russia, St. Petersburg, ul. Rubinshteina, 23, lit. A

AVN ALBATROS  INN  7726283506;   113405,  Russia, Moscow, Varshavskoe Shosse. 125. Building 18

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