Russian vets publishing list of assignees authorized to issue health certificates for products exported from Russia to EU

October 11, 2010 10:32

The Directive NO.FS-GK-4/11947 dated 24 September 2010 of Russia's Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor has been published with the list of assignees authorized to issue health certificates for fish, fish and non-finfish products exported from the Russian Federation to EU-countries and China, reports  ( / ).

The letter of the Russian vets No.FS-AS-4/5766 dated 9, June, 2010 shall be considered validated from 27, September, 2010.

The list of authorities is given below:

Mr. A.V.Yaschenko

Kaliningrad-based veterinary body

Ms. L. I. Belozerkovskaya

Ms. I.I. Kamysheva

Ms. E. T. Karalevich-Burlakova

Ms. O. V. Karchevskaya

Mr. K.G. Kachanovich

Ms. T.I. Kravchenko

Ms. I.N. Kropotova

Ms. O.N. Novichkova

Ms. Zh. V. Tsura

Mr. A.V. Starikov

Ms. E.E. Kapranova

Ms. V.M. Shalukha

Mr. V.I. Smirnov

N.S. Labyka

D. M. Surta

Kamchatka-based veterinary body

E.A. Tsoy

Mr. N.N. Salnikov

N.V. Sergeenko

Ms. A.V. Ivankova

Ms. M.V. Kareva

Ms. E.G. Mishina

Ms. G. G. Ektova

Ms. M.V. Chernaya

Ms. L.S. Grinkevich

Krasnodar-based veterinary body

Ms. L.O. Abakumova

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