Russian vet authorities strengthening control of illegal imports of Norwegian salmon and trout

October 25, 2006 16:55

By its circular dated 23 October 2006 Rosselkhoznadzor Veterinary and Phytosanitary Inspectorate has strengthened control of the nation’s import of Atlantic salmon and trout from Norway by making a list of Russian importers allowed to take the products from eight previously certified Norwegian plants into Russia.

The measure is aimed at eliminating loopholes for illegal import of such delicatessen onto the growing Russian market.

The circular No.13-8-02/0642 dated 23 October 2006 addressed to heads of Territorial Departments of Rosselkhoznadzor says that the certified eight Norwegian salmon and trout producers (allowed to export to the Russian Federation according to the order No.FS-EN-2/8274 dated 20 September 2006) have valid contracts with the following Russian firms:

1.       T-126 (LEROY AURORA) - KROOI Dostoynoye Partnership, OOO Real (ltd), OOO Evrika (ltd);

2.       N-169 (NORDLAKS) – OOO Profibiznes (ltd), OOO Norge-Fish (ltd), OOO Nord-Kap (ltd), OOO Severnyi Alians (ltd), OOO Defa Grupp (ltd), OOO Atlant-Pacific (ltd), OOO Ryba I Myaso (ltd), OOO ROK (ltd), OOO Nord-West F.C. (ltd), OOO Russkoye More (ltd);

3.       N-742 (HOLLALAKS) – OOO Evrika (ltd);

4.       ST-337 (LEROY MIDNOR) – KROOI Dostoynoye Partnership, OOO Real (ltd), OOO Evrika (ltd);

5.       ST-400 (MARINE HARVEST) – JSC ZAO Russkaya Rybnaya Kompania, OOO Russkoye More (ltd);

6.       ST-423 (SALMAR) - OOO Profibiznes (ltd);

7.       М-394 (PAN FISH) – JSC ZAO Russkaya Rybnaya Kompania;

8.       SF-364 (MARTIN BRIKNES EFTF.) - OOO ROK-1 (ltd), Globus Group of Companies, OOO Salas Zivis (ltd), OOO Fiord Ice (ltd), OOO Golfstream (ltd), JSC ZAO Russkaya Rybnaya Kompania, OOO More Delfa (ltd), OOO Nord-Kap (ltd), OOO Ekkotorgtsentr (ltd), OOO Ryba I Myaso (ltd), OOO Atlant-Pacific (ltd), OOO Evrika (ltd).

In view of the above, approvals for import of fish and seafood from Norway in 2006 according to the order No.FS-EN-2/8274 dated 20 September 2006 are valid only for the above mentioned Russian firms.

The Territorial Departments should ensure implementation of the given order signed by deputy head of Russia’s Veterinary Inspection S.V. Zakharov.

According to the order No.FS-EN-2/8274 signed by Rosselkhoznadzor on 20 September 2006, taking into account results of inspections conducted by the Russian specialists in Norway together with competent Norwegian services in the year 2006, as of 20 September 2006 temporary restrictions have been lifted for eight Norwegian plants ST337, ST423 N169, SF364, T126, N742, ST400 and M394 now indefinitely allowed to export fresh and chilled Atlantic salmon and trout to the Russian Federation.

Some market analysts assume that the tighter import controls may result into a further rise of demand and prices for Chilean salmon.

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