Russian trawlers resumed fisheries in Senegal waters

March 24, 2010 15:49

Russian trawlers have resumed fishery operations in the waters of Senegal, reports ( with reference to AtlantNIRO fishery research institute.

After an eleven-year break (since 1990) the Russian trawlers resumed fisheries off Senegal on 10 March 2010. The vessels were operating in the north of the Senegal waters with the catch rates reported as fairly good. The first half of the year is normally the period for fishery in the area. At the same time, operations in the Senegal EEZ have been complicated by brisk dynamics of water and weather processes, active migration of the fish stocks and often changes of the fishing grounds.

In the waters of Senegal the Russian fleet can harvest West African horse mackerel and mackerel, as well as sardine and sardinella.

Senegal has got an advantageous geographical situation, old traditions in fishery and own know-how in the fishery sector. At present the fishery industry of Senegal gives more than 12% of the national income.

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