Russian seafood imports displaying further boom

November 14, 2007 10:36
According to Federal Customs Service, through the period of nine months of 2007 the total import to Russia increased by 46.6% and its value amounted to 136.8 billion USD. The import of food commodities, particularly seafood products, has been growing especially fast, head of analytical group of Norge-Fish Ltd Timur Mitupov writes for ( The import of fresh, chilled and freshfrozen fish products, including fillets and other fish meat (0302-0304) increased by 19% or 83.5 metric tons as compared to the period of January-September 2006 and amounted to 525.9 metric tons. In terms of value, the seafood import increased by 41% or 252.4 million USD and amounted to 874.3 million USD.At the same time Timur Mitupov says that in the period under revue the average cost of a tonne of seafood products increased by 18.3% from 1405.6 USD to 1662.5 USD.Considering seasonal fluctuations and peak of seafood consumption in the fourth quarter as well as average monthly growth rate of seafood import, Timur Mitupov forecasts that in 2007 the volume of seafood import including canned and processed products can reach 1,200,000 metric tons worth 1.8 billion USD.
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