Russian Sea Company launches spectacular line of roe and caviar products for retail chains

November 2, 2007 17:38

Russian Sea Company, one of the largest producers of seafood products in Russia, has launched a brand new type of preserves - marinated capelin roe in delicacy sauces under the label "Umaisagi" to be distributed in supermarket chains.

This move  has taken place the context of the new strategy of development of the Russian Sea Company which presupposes an increase of market share of the company and conquering new market segments, according to a spokesman of the Russian Sea Company.

At present the segment of marinated capelin roe is one of the most rapidly growing. This category of preserves is considered to be the most wide spread and affordable for family consumption. The preserves are very popular because of their soft and special taste.

Umaisagi ("Umai" is translated as "tasty" from Japanese and "masago" means "capelin roe") is both a delicious and healthy product. Special soft sauce added to this Japanese product gives a unique taste and makes it the most favorite product in European countries, the spokesman of the Company Russian Sea underlines.

The range of the new product series includes:

  • "Umaisagi" - classical capelin roe;
  • "Umaisagi" - lightly smoked capelin roe;
  • "Umaisagi" - capelin roe in mayonnaise and soy beans sauce;
  • "Umaisagi" - capelin roe in mayonnaise and tomato sauce;
  • "Umaisagi" - capelin roe with salmon;
  • "Umaisagi" - capelin roe with shrimps;
  • "Umaisagi" - capelin roe with spices.

Three of these products (capelin roe with spices, with tomatoes and with soy beans) are novelties on the Russian market.

Capelin roe in mayonnaise and soy beans sauce

Soy beans sauce enriches the capelin and gives it a unique oriental taste. One can not imagine the Japanese cuisine without soy and its sweet and sour and spicy taste.

Capelin roe with shrimps

This is a unique product that is considered to be the "symbol of long life" in Japan because of the combined advantages of capelin roe and shrimps.

Capelin roe slightly smoked

This roe is extremely delicious and gives a light taste of smoke to sandwiches and other products.

Capelin roe with salmon

This is practically a ready to eat sushi and the only thing to add is a slice of Russian black bread.

Capelin roe classical

This is a great realization of the Japanese saying which means that a real product needs nothing more than admiration of its taste and slow process of its tasting.

Capelin roe in mayonnaise and tomato sauce

Tomato sauce enriches the classical roe with the "royal" taste. It is recommended to try this product with pancakes and fresh lettuce.

Capelin roe with spices

The spices give the product an unusual taste which is appreciated even by the Japanese themselves.

The novelties of the Russian Sea Company have a range of advantages that make them highly competitive among other products in this sector.

Namely, for the first time the share of roe in proportion with sauce in classical roe and in lightly smoked roe is increased and is now not less than 50%. In Umaisagi marinated roe they use frost-resisting mayonnaise that helps to avoid exfoliation in the process of keeping under temperature below zero level.

In this series a unique glass jar is used with no "shoulders" that helps to take the roe to the last egg out of the jar.

The pack itself is designed in Japanese style. For the first time they used the method of serigraphy on the jars. Now all the information (logo, bar code etc) is presented on the jar itself which speaks about high quality of the product and the company. The weight of the product is 165 g. The product is transported in a tray of corrugated board in shrink film. There are 6 glass jars in a tray. The product can be stored for 4 months under the temperature between 0 and 40 degrees C below zero level.

At present the production volume of marinated capelin roe reaches 300,000 jars per month but the company plans to increase this amount to 1,000,000 - 1,200,000 jars per month by 2008. The share of the new product group in sales volume is expected to reach 15% - 20%.

The Umaisagi products have been sold in supermarket chains of Moscow, St. Petersburg and 20 regions of Russia.

Till the end of the year 2007 the novelties will be promoted with the help of trade marketing instruments and BTL actions. As per 2008 the products will be promoted with the general strategy of promotion of Russian Sea label.

Among other novelties of the Russian Sea Company one must name salmon species roe "the Golden Line" and "the Red Ball". These series are distributed in the jars of bigger size. These products have their own style and character. The Russian Sea Company specialists decided to pack salmon roe in jars that imitate roe eggs in appearance but on a larger scale. It means red roe is sold in red round jars "Red jars".

The Golden Line series present the products of the premium segment. The weight of the jar is 555 g that corresponds to the highest mark given in Russian schools and means the best quality. Blister package helps to sell roe openly in supermarkets. It increases the volume of sales. Besides this pack looks like souvenir that is also considered to be advantageous.

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