Russian scientists outlining good prospects for fishery stocks in Atlantic

March 16, 2009 16:55


AtlantNIRO Fishery Research institute scientists have outlined good prospects for possible catch volumes of aquatic biological resources in the Russian waters of the Baltic sea, Kuronian Bay and Visla Bay as well as in the fishing areas of the Atlantic ocean and South-East Pacific in the year 2010, reports ( ) with the reference to Regnum agency.

In 2010 the growth of spawning biomass of cod is expected. The sprat stocks will stay at high level, while the stock of Baltic herring is to decrease slightly. According to the scientists, the stocks of European sardine and horse mackerel in Central-Eastern Atlantic as well as the stocks of West African horse mackerel will improve. Abundance of sardinella and Eastern mackerel will stay approximately at the same level as in the previous year. Prospectively, the volumes of allowed krill harvested in the Southern Atlantic may exceed 3 million tonnes. It is expected that Russian companies fishing in South-Eastern Pacific Ocean will have a successful fishery as the stocks of Peruvian horse mackerel will be at high level.

The results of the research will be used to set TAC and quotas of aquatic biological resources in the Baltic Sea and its Bays as well as to plan development of ocean fishing.

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