Russian Salmon stocked its fifth farm with Atlantic salmon smolt imported from Norway

May 30, 2011 10:04
Murmansk-based farmed salmon producer Russian Salmon JSC has stocked its fifth farm with Norwegian salmon fry, according to Russian Fish Insider Report published by

According to the company's Deputy Director Sergey Panasyuk, this year that has been the first lot of salmon fry which has been brought to the farm by a well-boat Oydrott from Norway.

The stocking material has been produced by dedicated Norwegian aquaculture plants Fjon Bruk AS and Suldal Smolt AS. Before shipping the lot to Russia the producers conducted complex laboratory checks in order to eliminate virus and bacterial infections and parasitic diseases. Besides, the lot exported to Russia was inoculated with polyvalent vaccine.

In the Pechenga Bay of the Barents Sea where Russian salmon has its farm the local veterinary inspectors have checked the documents and the salmon smolt imported to Russia, approved the live stock for import to the farm and issued the necessary veterinary certificate.

Production target

The farming cycle to market size fish will take two years with slaughter to begin in 2013. The production volume is expected to amount to ca.5000 tonnes of fish to be delivered to the Russian market and the local market of Murmansk region. In the course of the year the company plans to import and stock to cages another 3 million young salmons.

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