Russian salmon season winding up on record breaking note

September 7, 2009 16:45

Russian salmon season is winding up on a record breaking note with the total harvest of salmon species in the Russian Far East exceeding 450,000 tonnes by 1 September 2009, reports ( with reference to fishery sources in Vladivostok.

Kamchatka fleets were the first to finish the season with the result of ca.185,000 tonnes, record high harvest in the history of salmon fishery in Kamchatka waters which exceeded the largest result of 2007 by more than 50,000 tonnes.

Sakhalin fishermen harvested more than 224,500 tonnes of salmons.

Khabarovsk-based fleets contributed 29,100 tonnes to the Basin's salmon harvest. Smaller contributions of 12,700 and 900 tonnes were made by Magadan and Chukotka correspondingly.

Provisional catch figures as per 1 September 2009


Fishing area1000 metric tons
Kamchatsky KraiPetropavlovsk-Komandor subarea 14.2
Karaginsk subarea142.30
West Kamchatka subarea7.9
Kamchatka-Kurile subarea20.0
West Bering Sea zone0.3
Chukotka Autonomous DistrictTotal0.9
Khabarovsky Krai TerritoryContinental slope of the Sea of Okhotsk17.8
Amur River11.2
Primorye subarea0.09
MagadanContinental slope of the Sea of Okhotsk12.7
Basin’s total451.6

In 2009 the salmon catches have been really huge, though there are some quality problems caused by abundant fish runs and high water temperatures. Domestic traders have already responded to the development and tended to check nearly every product lot, while traders on the international market, such as Chinese, have sent veterinary officers to Russia in order to check the fish quality for compliance with the national standards.

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