Russian salmon season unrolling in the Russian Far East

June 16, 2010 12:30


The Russian salmon season started some two weeks ago with driftnet fishery mainly in Petropavlovsk-Commander subarea by 8 boats and in week 24 the positions of the fleet have changed while the geography expanded, reports /.

During week 24 the fleet of 11 vessels conducted the driftnet fishery on the salmon migration routes in all areas and subareas of the pacific side of Kamchatka and the Kuriles. The harvest since the start of the season amounted to 2.27 thousand metric tons made up by 1.6 thousand tonnes of sockeye and 0.6 thousand tonnes of chums.


       This year the salmon season in Kamchatka began on 25 May as opposed to 1st June last year. Six companies based in Ust-Kamchatka district were the first to start the fishery. Two more companies joined in week 24 in Karaginsk subarea and West Kamchatka Zone. 

As per 10 June 2010 the salmon harvest in Kamchatka amounted to 703 tonnes including 626 tonnes of sockeye, 4 tonnes of chum salmon and 72 tonnes of king salmon.

The companies also harvested 543 tonnes of Arctic char.

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