Russian province planning another big rise of farmed trout output

April 26, 2007 15:51
In the year 2006 production of market-size trout farmed in Karelia (Russia's province bordering on Finland) grew by 19% and reached nearly 7000 tonnes. At present, the local fish farms all together contribute ca.70% of Russian trout farmed in cages, according to IA Regnum.

In a drive to make another big leap now Karelia is drafting a regional program for further trout farming advance until 2010.

In particular, Karelian authorities are planning that in the coming four years the industry will increase the output of farmed trout by 50% and to raise the annual harvest of the species to 14 kilos per capita. Towards that end, the program's developers from the province's Ministry of Agriculture are going to help the farmers attract more than RUR520 million (ca.20 million USD), including at least RUR403 million as private investments. The money will be spent to build own fish feeds plant and to help open ca.30 new fish farms.

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