Russian park in China witnesses commissioning of fish plant

August 20, 2007 16:04

The fish processing factory Hunchun Haifu has become the first joint venture launched within the framework of the Russian industrial park project in the Chinese city of Hunchun, according to Deita.Ru.

The Russian industrial park in Hunchun is a special economic zone where there are a number of privileges for the Russian-owned operations and joint ventures.

The launch of the joint fish processing factory is another fact to prove that the border territories of Russia and China have a success in cooperation in the sphere of economic development.

In general, launching of the Russian industrial park in Hunchun's economic zone is an important event for the both countries. Such projects on mutual allocation of the territories with a special economic status may become one of the main instruments to bring the Russian-Chinese sales turnover to 60 billion USD. The above target has been announced by Russia's President Vladimir Putin.

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