Russian Ozernaya River sockeye salmon fishery and Clearwater Arctic surf clam fishery in Canada enter MSC full assessment process

May 13, 2011 09:55

Since February 1, two fisheries in the Americas region began the MSC's full assessment process. Two Russian Federation companies, Vityaz-Avto Co, Ltd and Delta Co, Ltd., have entered the Ozernaya River sockeye salmon fishery. This is the eighth Russian Federation fishery to enter assessment and the first on the Kamchatka Peninsula, which accounts for one-fifth of the Russian Federation's seafood, reports with reference to MSC.

Additionally, Clearwater Seafoods Limited Partnership has entered the Banquereau and Grand Bank Arctic surf clam fishery. The fishery joins a growing number of Canadian fisheries seeking MSC certification and already certified including Clearwater's offshore lobster fishery and the offshore scallop fishery in which it participates.

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