Russian Olympic area to stock lakes with sturgeon to please anglers

April 21, 2008 16:45

Farmers in Krasnodar region are going to release 2 million of juveniles of sturgeon, beluga and starred sturgeon species in the Karasun lakes, according to

During 2 years the stock's health and condition will be monitored and controlled by biologists and other specialists. They will also provide extra nutrients and vitamins for the lakes. Moreover, the fishing area will be protected by a private security force and city police.

According to an ambitious plan of the local Board of Ecology and Biological Resources, in two years recreational fishing of these species will be permitted subject to certain conditions. More specifically, all the anglers should have the license with the fishing methods to be limited to a regular fishing rod.

All the funds got from the rent of the Karasun lakes and the costal areas will be spent on costal infrastructure of the region development.

The licenses will be sold on sites of fishing, special piers and gangways will be built to serve the fishermen. In the coastal areas one will be able to hire fishing tackle and gear, feeds, boats, fridges to save the harvest, shops etc. The caught fish can be taken home or cooked in the local restaurant. The fishermen will be able to buy temporary license on weight or time of fishing.

The price of the license is not known yet, but the owners of the company say that the price per kilo of the fish caught in the lake will be much less than in the shop and the difference in prices will be compensated through other services. During the period of fish spawning the price of license will be increased up to 10 times.

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