Russian market saving Murmansk fishermen at moment of crisis in export shipments

April 29, 2009 16:23

The domestic market has become much more attractive for Murmansk fishermen against the background of problems with export shipments, reports ( with reference to fishery sources in the area.

In particular, now saithe is enjoying especially strong demand and the prices have been fairly high. Haddock has also been selling well. The products prices have decreased, but not so much as for cod. Strangely enough, but now it is more profitable to sell bycatch than cod, which is one of the main fishery products.

Prices for halibut and ocean perch have become very high because, due to a number of bans and requirements introduced by Russia's Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor), small importers of Norwegian seafood which have failed to get the veterinary permits are seeking ways out of the situation and creating turbulence on the market.

The pelagic sector has unexpectedly become a helping hand for the fishermen. The demand has been stable. The prices have been good. Despite a weaker exchange rate of RUB versus to other currencies, blue whiting and herring prices offered to the Russian fishermen by foreign buyers have been uncompetitive so far as compared to the Russian market.

As for capelin, Murmansk fish businessmen say that is good that Russia has not yet covered the whole capelin quota. While in the beginning and middle of the fishery the buyers have been showing a brisk demand, the late April lots have been sold with complications as the buyers have been trying to beat down the prices. If the capelin fishery in the end of the year is good, the profits may increase.

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