Russian market of fresh premium fish offers lucrative business opportunities (part 1)

January 24, 2008 16:26
The Russian market of fresh fish is another growing segment with lucrative opportunities for business development in its premium segment. It occupies a specific place in the total food market and its fish counterpart, the analytical group of the sales department of FISHERIES Company majoring in such products writes for peculiarity of the market of fresh premium fish is determined by the following factors:The market of fresh premium fish is one of the segments of fresh fish market, which is at present being formed mainly at the expense of imports. It naturally predetermines the mode of operation of the market players. Local (domestic) fish in its main volume as well as the bulk of imported salmonids for the time being are supplying the segment of the economy class fresh fish market. Meanwhile the market of fresh premium fish handles products of exceptionally high quality. There are three main features distinguishing these products from the traditional range of economy class fresh fish such as common carp, silver carp, crucian carp, trout, salmon, burbot and others:1 The exoticism of the products Fresh premium fish sold by FISHERIES Company represent a wide range of warmwater species from the Indian and the Atlantic oceans. It includes such fishes exotic for Russian consumers as monkfish, parrot fish (Scaridae), marlin, shark, goatfish, surmallet, ladyfish, different species of flat fish (plaice, turbo, lemon fish, dover sole), seabream, seabass and also an impressive list of so called fruits of the sea – live molluscs, crustaceans and other non-finfish aquatic products.2 Nutritive valueThe high nutritive value of marine fish is explained firstly by higher content of complete proteins (essential amino acids) in comparison with freshwater fish. Secondly, the nutritive value of marine fish results from higher content of high quality and digestible fats including polyunsaturated fatty acid omega-3 and also iodine, zinc, vitamin D, selenium. It is the opinion of Russian and foreign specialists that fresh sea fish is the only natural source containing the unique set of amino acids, complete proteins, vitamins and minerals which are vital to people.3 Environmental safetyModern eco-technologies of fish farming allow, unlike fishery, to produce natural sea fish with controlled bio feeding in environmentally friendly conditions of fish habitat. Although fisheries products (wild fish) are considered to be natural it doesn’t mean they are eco-clean as their feeding and habitat are not controlled (therefore it is necessary to have additional international quality certificates to buy wild exotic fish thus making it difficult to organize regular shipments). That’s why farmed fish, in contrast to the wild one, can be natural and eco-clean provided that all corresponding feeding and habitat technologies are observed.
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