Russian market of canned fish and marinated preserves moving towards premium segment (part 2)

February 6, 2008 11:51


For the market of canned fish and marinated fish preserves as well as for many others markets, the income growth of Russians means first of all good prospects for the development of high price segments.

According to the President of Ledovo Group (Russian major frozen foods producer with headquarters in Moscow) Mrs. Nadezhda Kopytina, quoted by the magazine, the dynamic customer demand is being observed in the middle-end market and in the middle-plus market. That is why the Group intends to develop these sectors. Because of the income growth per capita ever great number of consumers is turning their attention to more expensive segment.

If speaking about the majority of population, the most successful is considered to be the positioning in the segment of average price, confirms Olga Tsios, brand manager of Mistral Trading Company.

The share of average price segment, which shows the highest rise, totals 70-75%, according to the data about sales volumes of ABK retail chain.

Many experts think that to develop the premium segment is the most profitable business direction as premium products have the longest-term potential. A consumer is ready to pay the high price for unusual and exotic products. Moreover, this trend is typical of the segments of canned fish and marinated preserves.  

Other analysts also acknowledge that the market is developing in this direction. There is a shift in priorities from traditional products to more exotic ones.

The typical way of acquaintance with a new product will be as follows: a buyer tastes it, reads the information about product benefits, tastes once again, makes sure of its acceptability, buys again and enters target group.

On the other hand, Russian end consumers now better understand the quality of fish and this is a good trend as premium products in attractive premium packs can be sold at a higher price.

It is the opinion of a department manager of STK FS Wester Fedor Zabara that a consumer is showing interest in more conceptual products. As a result, the production of marinated fish preserves has jumped for the last 12-18 months. The producers abandoned cheap raw materials in favour of high-quality and expensive ones such as Atlantic salmon, trout and coho. Now on the market a consumer can find fish slices, pieces in oil, in vinegar, squids in exotic sauces, shellfish/mollusks and etc.

According to the leading PR-specialist of Meridian Company Sergei Kovalenko, quoted by the magazine, more often such products will be bought not only for decorating festive table but also for the purpose of diet diversification. Thus the main aim of a producer is to diversify its range attracting in such a way different consumers.

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