Russian major importer developing into large corporation with powerful infrastructure

September 10, 2007 15:37

Established in 2001, the Moscow-based REAL LTD has developed into a large corporation featuring a powerful infrastructure and comprising divisions for sale and procurement of freshfrozen seafood, a logistics division and distribution companies.

ОкуньThe company has got cold stores in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and in other large cities of Russia with REAL's cold storage capacities exceeding 10,000 metric tons at any one time. The company has been doing brisk trade with large regional distributors in Ekaterinburg, Voronezh, Barnaul, Rostov, Penza, Tumen, Novossibirsk, Chelyabinsk and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Taking into account changes of the small wholesale and retail market structure, in 2001 the company established a number of subsidiaries charged with such main lines of business as everyday supplies to large supermarkets and retail chains of Moscow and the surrounding region as well as to Nizhny Novgorod.

During the years of its operation REAL has established strong ties with many suppliers of finfish and shellfish/mollusks from Norway, Scotland, the USA, Canada, Latin American countries, Asia and the EU.

ХекREAL has been actively cooperating with fishing firms in the Russian Far East, Murmansk-led North Basin and Kaliningrad-led West Basin to channel a wide range of Russian finfish and other marine products from these sources. Such policy has enabled the Group to satisfy the consumer demand for various fish items on the all-year-round basis. The seafood products are sourced directly from producers thus helping REAL uphold prices at a competitive level.

The company's current product range includes ca.50 items of freshfrozen finfish, shellfish and mollusks.

At present REAL has joined the ranks of Russia's major importers of Atlantic salmon, trout, herring and mackerel from Norway and Scotland, HGT hake and hake fillets from the USA, Canada, Argentina and Uruguay. Besides, the company imports a range of products from Asian countries.

Successful campaign

Starting from the year 2004, REAL has been successfully supplying Russian-produced hake to the domestic market.

ПроцессорDuring the 2006 season REAL LTD profited from co-operation with the Russian Far East-based Magellan Fishing Company to make use of its processing fleet in order to supply the domestic market with HGT Pacific hake of Russian manufacture.

The quality of the hake products made onboard the Russian factory trawlers is certainly not inferior to the competing wares and, the processing at sea considered, it will even surpass the quality of the hake made by the land-based plants of the USA and Canada.

The high quality of the Russian-made hake and the company's flexible price policy have enabled the products to secure a well-deserved place among the imported range while putting up competition to the imported counterparts in terms of price.

СкумбрияThus, since its establishment REAL has made it one of its priorities to supply the domestic market with Russian-made seafood products.

Making use of its potential, resources, experience and market knowledge, REAL LTD is capable of satisfying the growing demand for high quality Russian fish both from processors and end buyers.

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