Russian-Korean Fisheries Commission conducted in Seoul

December 19, 2007 16:10

On 4-7 December 2007 Seoul hosted 17th session of the Russian-Korean Fisheries Commission.

The sides have studied the results of their scientific and technical cooperation in the year 2007 and approved a plan of their cooperation in the year 2008. Along with the above, the sides have discussed the results of the South Korean fisheries in the Russian EEZs and the fishery surveillance. The Korean side has confirmed that the Korean vessels will not resume the fishery operations in the international waters of the Sea of Okhotsk in the year 2008.

In order to fulfill the commission of Russia's President Putin and Government as to uphold state economic interests in the sphere of fishery of aquatic biological resources, the Russian delegation has continued to coordinate with the Korean side a cooperation project on preventing, fighting and liquidation of IUU fishing practices.

The Korean side will pay 8.8 million USD to the Russian federal budget in order to obtain the right for fishery in the Russian EEZ.

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