Russian-Japanese Mixed Fishery Commission agrees quotas for Japan in 2007

May 15, 2007 12:04

Taking into account proposals of the Russian side Japan has agreed to purchase a total quota of 10,275 metric tons to be harvested in the Russian EEZ at the total value of 3,005,540,250 yen (ca.RUR690 million). The agreement has become one of the results of the 23rd session of the Russian-Japanese Mixed Fishery Commission held in mid-March 2007 in Moscow and two rounds (19-29 March and 9-26 April 2007) of the intergovernmental consultations concerning Japanese salmon fisheries in the Russian waters.

In the course of the session and consultations the sides have discussed current Russian-Japanese cooperation in the sphere of the fishery industry and actual implementation of the AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE GOVERNMENT OF THE USSR AND THE GOVERNMENT OF JAPAN ON COOPERATION IN THE SPHERE OF FISHERY dated 12 May 1985. Along with the above, the sides have also approved a program of scientific and technological cooperation in 2007 and a draft program for the year 2008 and discussed specific conditions for Japanese fishery of Russian salmons in the Russian EEZ and in the 200-mile zone of Japan in 2007.

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