Russian importers of frozen fish fillets halting purchases in anticipation of new glazing standards

September 13, 2010 09:28

Russian importers of frozen fish fillet have halted purchases of the product abroad waiting for a release of the new sanitary regulations for glazing, reports .

More specifically, on 1 October 2010 a new Rule of the Head of Russia's Sanitary Service No. 27 dated 21, April 2010 will come into force. According to the Rule, the content of moisture after glazing should not exceed 86% from the total fillet mass while processing. The share of the glaze should not exceed 5% of net weight in case of the frozen fish; 6% of net weight in case of the shrimp; 8% in case of other marine species.

According to some industry players, Russian importers fear that sales of fillet with the current content of glaze of 20 - 30% imported before the deadline may be forbidden while the importation of fillets with smaller glazing content is economically unviable.

In this situation, the importers have been waiting for October and situation to become clear. Meanwhile, the importers have been working on the inventories left.

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