Russian Group goes for EU market

April 26, 2007 16:45

Recently the Ledovo Group (Moscow based producer of shellfish and mollusks and other frozen and marinated foods) has signed a contract with Maxima LT UAB (formerly known as VP Market) one of the leading retailers of the Baltic States according to Ledovo.

Under the agreement nearly all the assortment of the seafood in marinade will be distributed under the label "Salmon" via Maxima LT UAB market chain.

The Ledovo has an EU approved processing plant Ledovo Svetly (EU No. 69H given in 2004). The plant was among the first fish processing plants in Russia to be EU-certified.

The president of the company Ms. Nadezhda Kopytina says that the new agreement with Maxima LT UAB is one more step for development of a multinational label "Ledovo" on the highly competitive but still insatiable European market. The company plans to conquer the European consumer market with its products of the highest quality.

The products will be distributed firstly in the retail sector of Latvia and Lithuania and if they are successful then the range will be introduced in Estonia, Bulgaria and Romania as well.

The company plans to add frozen shrimps, salmon and trout to its range of exported products. In the near future the company intends to enter the German market.

The Ledovo Group

Ledovo Group was established in November 1994. The group operates in three adjacent segments of the frozen food market: seafood products, mushrooms and rice containing mixtures as well as produces preserved seafood delicacies. Ledovo Group is considered to be among the three largest Russian manufacturers of marinated and frozen seafood. The company is one of the leaders of the Russian market by the production volume.

In 2005 total turnover of Ledovo Group amounted to 25 millions dollars. In the forthcoming years the company plans to increase its turnover to 100 millions dollars.

At present the company's range includes more than 70 items of packed products under its own labels - "Ledovo", "Salmon", "Snezhana", "Bon Appetit" and more than 20 items of non-packed products. In total Ledovo Group's range includes about 365 items of products.

Contact information:

Ledovo Group, central office:

Post address:

Business trade center "Novinsky passage"

Novinsky Boulevard 31, Moscow, 123242, Russia

Contact person: Ms. Lubov Gupalenko

Tel./Fax: +7 495 258 20 45


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