Russian Government set rules for exploitation of stocks not subject to management by TAC

September 12, 2008 17:13

The Russian Government has approved the rules of preparation and making contracts about the use of aquatic biological resources which have been classified as not subject to management by TAC. The form of the model contract has also been approved, reports (

The respective directive No. 643 of the Government was signed on 25 of August 2008 in the correspondence with the Federal Law On Fishery And Conservation Of Aquatic Biological Resources.

According to the rules, the Federal Fisheries Agency in 10 days period after the TACs have been set is to publish at its official web-site the announcement about preparation and making agreements, as well as to inform about the announcement the regional governmental bodies of Russian Federation.

The announcement is to provide the following information: deadlines of application for contract making, a list of aquatic biological resources, areas and periods of fishing.

After publication of the announcement the further preparation and work is to be done by:

-Regional Governmental bodies of the Russian Federation if inland aquatic biological resources are concerned (excluding inland marine biological resources of the Russian Federation);

-Federal Fisheries Agency if inland marine biological resources of the Russian Federation, territorial sea of the Russian Federation, Russian EEZ, continental shelf of the Russian Federation, the Sea of Azov and the Caspian Sea, areas under international agreements in the sphere of fishery and conservation of aquatic biological resources as well as catadromous and transboundary fish species are concerned.

The applications under the rules shall be considered in 10 days period starting from the date of the application was made. After consideration the application is allowed or not for further processing.

The State body in charge is to make a contract in two copies in accordance with the regulations of the Federal Law On Fishery And Conservation Of Aquatic Biological Resources and in form stated in the Directive No. 643 dated 25 August 2008.

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