Russian Government approving expansion of inshore fishery zone

August 20, 2010 09:54

The Government of the Russian Federation has approved expansion of inshore fishery zone, reports ( with reference to Gazeta.Ru.

More specifically, the Government Commission for Fishery Development chaired by First Vice-Premier Viktor Zubkov has agreed with a proposal of the nation's Federal Fisheries Agency to expand the inshore zone with the continental shelf and the nation's EEZ. The Commission has entrusted preparation of the respective draft order to the Fisheries Agency. The draft will presumably cover simplified control measures for multiple crossing of the state border by the fishing vessels.

Besides, Viktor Zubkov has also recommended scrutinizing exploitation of commercial quotas in inland marine waters and the nation's territorial sea with the discussions to be held in participation of regional authorities. The issue is especially important for social and economic development of the regions and ecological condition of inshore waters. Draft makers should also scrutinize the influence of larger fishery efficiency on the condition of biological resources, Zubkov said.

Along with the above issues, the Commission has also looked into prospects of aquaculture development in Russia. In order to raise the efficiency of Russian fish farms, as of 2 August 2010 the nation's Government has handed over the powers of development and implementation of the state policy in the sphere of aquaculture to the Federal Fisheries Agency. In this connection First Vice-Premier has commissioned the Agency to work out a draft law "On Aquaculture" as well as a complex program for aquaculture development in Russia.

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