Russian GLONASS global positioning system to help monitor fish catch traffic to Russian ports

October 13, 2009 08:23

In the near future the industry will see deployment of GLONASS equipment to help monitor fish shipments to Russians ports,  reports / with reference to a recent statement of Russian fishery head Andrey Krainy.

In fact, the equipment will be installed both onboard about 3000 boats and at the data collecting centres on land.

The respective agreement was earlier made between the Federal Fisheries Agency and Roscosmos with the boat owners to pay for the equipment while the government will pay for the data traffic.

According to Krainy, the equipment will first be deployed in the Russian Far East and it will help reveal possible discrepancies between the catch reports of the vessels and actual shipments to Russian ports in order to cut out illegal transshipment to reefers bound for foreign ports.

On the other hand, the boats will profit from accurate position fixes as well as satellite data for sea surface analysis.  

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