Russian fishing ports accelerate processing of vessel calls

June 5, 2008 17:16

The Russian Government seems to have moved forward in implementing faster controls for incoming vessels in Russian fishing ports as the matter is crucial for creating favourable conditions for more landings at home, according to an early June official release quoting Vice-Premier Zubkov in charge of the Government Commission on the Issues of Development of the Fishery Economy Complex.

The official has pointed out that the new system is already bearing fruit cutting down the handling time from two-three days to three hours as stipulated by the new rules. In particular, the conducted monitoring in the last ten days of May has disclosed that out of 612 boats calling in the ports during the period 604 vessels were able to clear in within the 3 hour rating.

Talking of other steps to boost fishery industry, Zubkov has also noted that within the first week of June Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency is expected to submit to the Commission the draft Strategy of Development of the Fishery Economy Complex until the year 2020.

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