Russian fishery head working on regulations and logistics to bring Russian catch to main consumption areas

October 5, 2009 16:47

Russian fishery head Andrey Krainy has claimed practical advances in his battle to create equal requirements for Russian and imported fish as well as to improve logistics in order to bring the huge catch from the Russian Far East to main consumption areas, reports  with reference to a dedicated report on national TV channel 2.

Vehemently highlighting the advantages of "healthy wild domestic fish" versus the questioned imported farmed products, Mr. Krainy has declared that Technical Regulation for Fish is to be passed by the Russian Parliament  next spring  to create a fairer completion basis for Russian-made and foreign-made seafood. A further half year will be allowed as a transitional period for the players to adjust.

Meanwhile requirements to Russian products are much stricter creating unfair advantages for foreign fish goods, complained Krainy.

On the logistic side, a big operator is in the process of establishment by the government and private interests, the player designed to distribute the seafood catch and production primarily from the Russian Far East in quantities and of quality required y big chains in the main consumption centres  thousands of kilometers away.

Krainy has explained that for the initial phase the management company in question has made a deal with the Federal Food Reserve to rent the vacant cold storage capacity of 1 million metric tons at any one time. Meanwhile in the future own facilities of the necessary scope will be built.

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