Russian Fishery head creating important advisory body

May 6, 2008 17:04


Head of Russia's State Fisheries Committee Andrey Krainy has established the Collegium of Russia's State Fisheries and confirmed the agenda of the new body.

The Collegium will work constantly as an advisory body under the head of Russia's State Fisherie Committee. The Collegium is to advise on questions of State regulation and coordination in the sphere of rational use, research, sustainability and recovery of biological resources, their environment and ways of development of seafood industry of Russia.

The Collegium will prepare proposals on fishery management in World Ocean beyond Russia's EEZ on conditions of fishing in 200 miles zones of foreign countries in order to make contracts, agreements and conventions.

Draft laws, draft acts of President, Governmental drafts and other acts could also be submitted for consideration by the Collegium of Russia's State Fisheries Committee.

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