Russian fishery for cod, crab, etc in November 2006 in Northwest Atlantic

December 20, 2006 15:10

Cod, blue whiting and crab were the most important species for the Russian fishery in the Northwest Atlantic in November 2006, according to fishery sources in Murmansk.

Meanwhile there was nearly no active fishery for Norwegian spring spawning herring during the month.

Cod and haddock

The total catch of cod in November 2006 is estimated at about 18,000 tonnes, the result actually doubling the harvest as compared to October 2006 and exceeding November 2005 by ca. 1,500 tonnes.

The haddock catch is provisionally reported at about 3,000 tonnes in November 2006 or approximately on a par with the previous month. The figure however exceeded the result of November 2005 by ca. 500 tonnes. More than 60% of haddock was caught in the Russian EEZ.

Red king crab

Some 20-25 crabbers have been targeting the valuable resource in the offshore waters of the area, which has not changed since last year but the conditions for fishery have become less stable to result into fierce competition for best grounds.

The catch rates have fluctuated within 2-8 tonnes per boat per day while the flotilla would daily harvest about 100-130 tonnes of red kings.

The total harvest in November 2006 amounted to ca. 2,600 tonnes to exceed the previous month more than 2 times while exceeding the figures for November 2005 more than 2.5 times.

The average crab size in the Russian catch in November 2006 is estimated in excess of 4 kilos.

Blue whiting

In November 2006 the Russian blue whiting catch in the Faeroese Fishing Zone is provisionally reported in excess of 13,000 tonnes or on a par with November 2005. The total catch since the start of the year amounted to at least 309,000 tonnes.

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