Russian fishermen to profit from increased quotas of sebastes mentella

February 13, 2009 16:56

The question of management of the fishery of the pelagic species in the Sea of Irminger and the adjacent waters has been discussed in the meeting of NEAFC in London this week, reports with the reference to Russian Federal Fisheries Agency.

Russian delegation headed by Andrey Krainy has insisted upon the keeping the last year catch volume level and its quotas of Sebastes mentella of 29 480 tonnes. Besides, the seasonal restriction of fishing in the North-Eastern part of the Sea of Irminger which significantly impeded the taking-up of the Russian quotas and intended to be in force till 15, July 2009 has been lifted.

The Russian delegation was also successful in increasing the quotas in the North-Eastern part of the Sea from 65% to 70%, which will also contribute to successful quota covering by the national fishing fleet.

According to the Head of Russian Federal Fisheries Agency, the fishery in the Sea of Irminger has been having a long history and playing a great role for the Russian fishermen. In this situation reliable measures should be taken to manage the fishery in 2009 to exclude the illegal fishing. He also confirmed that the fishery must be regulated on the basis of fishery scientific research data.

The measures of regulation agreed during the meeting shall become the official recommendation of NEAFC.

Thus, from the 1st of April 2009 the Russian fishermen will be able start fishing the valuable Sebastes mentella to help increase efficiency of their operations.

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